Fixed Spread

Are your stop losses exposed to your providers widening variable spreads on increased volatile conditions?

TD365 offers world leading tight fixed spreads on all FX, Indices, and Commodities (During exchange hours).

DOW/DAX index = 1 point
FTSE = 0.8 point spread
Euro Dollar - Dollar Yen = 0.7 pip fixed
GBP - USD = 0.8 pip fixed

TD365 Bid-Ask Spreads vs. our competitors

TD365 use tight fixed spreads, which do not change during volatile periods. So you always know what our spread is.

Pepperstone, IG Markets, and CMC Markets use variable spreads that can increase during volatile trading conditions. IG Markets Pepperstone CMC Markets
Australia 200






ASX Stocks

$5 or 0.07%

Added Var Spread


Not Traded

$7 or 0.09%

Wall St 30






Germany 30






Euro Dollar






Sterling Dollar






Tight Fixed Spreads 200:1 Leverage

ASIC Regulation Segregated Client Funds

DOW 1 point

DAX 1 point

Zero Commission

We are the only broker in the world to offer traditional CFDs and the new revolutionary Single Currency CFDs. Read more about Single Currency CFDs here.

Negative Balance Protection

A Choice of Two Powerful CFD Trading Platforms

CloudTrade CFD Platform

Your gateway to fast execution global trading on a simple, intuitive platform. Low cost CFD and Single Currency Trading on Crypto, Indices, FX, Stocks & commodities.

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MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

Trade the world's most popular platform. Automate your strategies or add expert advisers. Execute your trades instantly on a wide range of indices, FX, and Commodities.

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Why Trade With Us?

Tight Fixed Spreads

Trade the Aussie 200 index with a fixed day spread of 0.9 pts (Less than the exchange spread, no commission) or the Euro-Dollar and Dollar-Yen at just 0.7 pips. All fixed spreads.

Negative Balance Protection

TradeDirect365 offers Negative Balance Protection, ensuring that clients cannot lose more than they have put into their account.

Fixed Prices In Volatile Markets

Plan your entries, exits and stop loss areas with the confidence of knowing that the spreads will not suddenly widen at inopportune times when volatility starts to increase.

Regulated By ASIC

Trade with confidence knowing that TradeDirect365 adheres to the strict licensing conditions imposed by the internationally regarded ASIC governing body.

200:1 Leverage

Get the extra leverage that ASIC regulated providers can offer over other parts of the world to take advantage of trading opportunities at the moment they occur, and without any huge deposits required.

Rebate Program

Get access to our generous bonus rebate offer for your first month trading up to $2500. Terms and conditions here.

World First:

Trade global instruments with Single Currency Trading (SCT)

Single Currency Trading allows all instruments to be traded in your base currency, so there is no currency conversions required. Our traditional CFD account is still a fantastic option to trade our full range of equities, FX, indices and commodities globally. Get great low cost, instant execution of trades on our simple, intuitive trading platforms.

What Markets Can I Trade?

With TD365, you can trade the world's major financial instruments, including:


  • Australia 200
  • Germany 30
  • UK 100
  • Wall St 30
+ More


  • 400 ASX Stocks
  • US Stocks
  • UK Stocks
  • EU Stocks
+ More


+ Many More


  • Trade Gold
  • Silver
  • Brent Crude Oil
  • US Light Crude Oil


  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple
  • Ethereum

TradeDirect365 gives me the key tools and execution speed I require as a high-volume professional trader.

Tom Hougaard


Open a CFD Trading Account with TD365

Low-Cost CFD Trading! If you are ready to start trading the financial markets with a live CFD account, then you have come to the right place. TradeDirect365 is one of (if not) Australia’s best value CFD providers, offering tight, fixed spreads and low (or no) commission costs – all on an easy-to-use trading platform. To sign up, please click the button below to begin the process. We offer the following CFD trading accounts; Get great low cost, instant execution of trades on our simple, intuitive trading platforms.

What are some of the Benefits of CFD Trading?

CFD Trading is a Leveraged Product

When you trade CFDs, you are trading using leverage. You are therefore only required to deposit a small % of the full value of the underlying instrument in order to open your desired trade. Trading using leverage is one of the biggest benefits of CFD trading, although it is important to note that trading using leverage carries risk. At TradeDirect365, we offer a maximum leverage rate of 200:1 (0.5% margin requirement).

Go Long or Short

CFD trading allows traders to go both Long (a BUY trade) and Short (a SELL trade). This is a major advantage over traditional stock dealing where you want the value of your stock portfolio to always go up. With CFD trading you can speculate on the price movement of a financial instrument by shorting it if you think the value of it will decline.

Access Global Markets from one CFD Platform

CFD brokers like TradeDirect365 provide access to a wide range of trading instruments from the world’s financial markets so traders can trade many markets all from the one CFD platform.

Array of Trading Opportunities

CFD trading provides traders with a range of trading opportunities, including stocks, currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies and indices. For a complete list of the products we offer, please view our Market Information Sheet.

Want To Know More About CFD Trading?

If you’re new to CFD trading or would simply like to know more, then you should check out our Secrets of CFD Trading section which includes a range of trading-related articles, including;

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