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Trade local & global stocks with TD365 and start reducing your trading costs today.

All our ASX stocks can be traded either long or short from $5 commission.

Why Trade Stocks with TradeDirect365?

  • Low Commissions

    We are one of Australia’s best value CFD brokers, offering fair & upfront trading costs. Trade ASX stocks from just $5 or 0.07% (above $7,150 notional).

  • Trade Global Stocks

    Trade stocks from all around the globe; Australia, the US, Europe or the UK – all from one trading platform.

  • Access Over 400 ASX Stocks

    Trade all the major Australian stocks – BHP Billiton, Comm Bank, Woolworths, ANZ, Telstra and many more.

  • Desktop, Mobile, Tablet

    Trade on the go, anywhere in the world using our CloudTrade trading App.

  • Easy-To-Use Trading Platform:

    Trade stocks from anywhere in the world on our CloudTrade CFD platform – an efficient, simple and user-friendly trading platform

  • Responsible Leverage

    Access leverage of up to 20:1 (5%) on your stock trades.

  • ASIC-Regulated

    Trade with confidence. TradeDirect365 is a trading name of Finsa Pty Limited (ACN 158 065 635 and AFSL No. 422661).

  • Trade Short on ALL Listed Stocks

    Trade your view on the leading Australian, US, European & British stocks by going long (buy) or short (sell).

Cloudtrade CFD Trading Platform

Major Stock Market Information – TD365



CFD Commission / Minimum

Margin From

Trading Hours (AEST)

CommBank 0.07% / $5 5% 10:00 – 16:00
Rio Tinto (ASX) 0.07% / $5 5% 10:00 – 16:00
Deutsche Bank 0.10% / $10 5% 17:00 – 01:30
Amazon 0.04% / $15 5% 23:30 – 06:00


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What is CFD Stock Trading?

CFD stock trading is different to traditional stock or share trading. Traditional share trading, put simply, is when you buy a share in a company in the hope that it rises in value and the company pays you dividends once or twice a year. CFD stock trading is different to traditional share trading in that you are not buying the underlying asset, but rather you are speculating on the price movement of a particular share – that is, you are betting on whether a share price will go up or down.

How do you Trade Stocks via a CFD Trading Platform?

If you believe that the price of a stock will rise in value, you can place a BUY trade with TD365 that reflects your trading view.  If the price rises in value, all other things being equal, you should make a profit on that trade. If the price of the stock goes down, your trade will be a losing one.


  • Qantas Airways Ltd (QAN) has a current share price of AUD $5.80. Having conducted your trading research, you believe that the price of Qantas is set to rise and so you place a BUY trade on Qantas at $5.80.
  • If the price rises, you will make a profit on every point movement that Qantas moves up and will make a loss for every point that the Qantas share price moves down.
  • 3 weeks later, the share price of Qantas is $6.25 – this represents a price increase of $0.45.
  • In this example, you would have made a profit.

It’s important to note that you can also trade on a falling stock price. Using the same example above; if you think that the Qantas stock price will decline in value, you can open a SELL trade on our trading platform. If the stock price of Qantas does decline, you will make a profit (all else being equal).

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