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Take advantage of price movements on one of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies – Ripple – without owning it.

The Benefits of Trading Ripple with TD365

  • Low-Cost Ripple Trading

    TD365 is one of Australia’s best value CFD providers, offering upfront trading costs through tight, fixed spreads and low (or no) commissions.

  • Tight Spreads

    Trade Ripple with a fixed 1pt spread 24/5 with one of Australia’s best value CFD providers.

  • No Commission Fees

    We do not charge commissions on Ripple trades.

  • Trade on Desktop, Mobile, Tablet

    Trade anytime, anywhere in the world with our innovative trading App, desktop and tablet versions.

  • Go Long or Short on Ripple

    Speculate on the price movement of Ripple by buying it (going ‘long’) or selling it (going ‘short’).

  • We are ASIC-Regulated

    TradeDirect365 is a trading name of Finsa Pty Limited (ACN 158 065 635 and AFSL No. 422661).

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Cryptocurrency Market Information


Spread Type
Margin Factor
Trading Hours (AEST)
Bitcoin ($) 70 Fixed 40% 07:05 Mon to 06:45 Sat
Ethereum 8 Fixed 40% 07:05 Mon to 06:45 Sat
Ripple 1 Fixed 40% 07:05 Mon to 06:45 Sat


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What is Ripple?

Ripple is an open payment network (RippleNet) designed to give people an alternative to traditional financial institutions like banks – and thus enabling the transfer of any currency around the world using the Ripple coin, XPR.

The concept of Ripple started in 2004 by Ryan Fugger and eventually took off in 2014 when several large banks started using its payment networks. The company behind Ripple is called OpenCoin and there are two distinct entities within Ripple; the open payment system and the actual currency used on the payment system.

Ripple is the third largest cryptocurrency (behind Bitcoin and Ethereum) and its value increased by 40 times in 2017 alone. Today, the value of Ripple sits around USD $0.50, although it fluctuates between $0.45 – $0.75.

Tradedirect365 Trading App

How Do You Trade Ripple on a CFD Trading Platform?

Trading Ripple using a CFD platform means you are purely speculating on the price movement of Ripple and do not actually own any Ripple (unless you bought some from an exchange in a separate transaction). This has many advantages to buying the actual coin on an exchange, notably that you can take advantage of price movements without having to buy any Ripple.

Once your TD365 account is live and you’re on our trading platform, you will see Ripple listed under our Crypto Tab. Rather than buying Ripple when you place a trade (and owning it), all you are doing is speculating on the price movement of Ripple. As an example; if you think the price of Ripple is going to go up, then you would open a BUY trade. If the price of Ripple does go up, then you would make a profit on that trade. If the price goes dow, you will make a loss.

Remember, when trading Ripple using leverage, you will only ever need to make a small deposit to gain exposure to the full value of Ripple. This has its advantages and disadvantages.

You can open LONG (buy) or SHORT (sell) Ripple positions with TD365 – our Ripple spread is fixed at 1 point and margin requirements are 40%. Guaranteed stop losses are available.