Welcome to TradeDirect365 Pro

Opening a TradeDirect365 Pro account gives you access to benefits including:

    • Monthly Cash Rebates* (up to AUD $5000 per month)
    • Access to higher leverage
    • Lower Margin close out level of 20%
    • Dedicated Account Manager

Pro Accounts are only available to clients who qualify as “wholesale clients” under s761G Corporations Act.  Refer to the eligibility criteria below.

* Terms and conditions apply.  Find out more about our Monthly Cash Rebates.

Benefits of our Pro Account


Higher Leverage

Access leverage of up to



Lower Margin Close Out

Margin close out will be at 20% 


Monthly Cash Rebates

T&Cs apply

Find out more


Dedicated Account Manager 

Dedicated Account Manager to assist you 


Our Pro Account Leverage

With a TradeDirect365 Pro Account, you will have access to higher leverage not available to retail clients. 

MarketPro LeverageRetail Leverage
ForexUp to 200:130:1
IndicesUp to 200:120:1
GoldUp to 200:120:1
OilUp to 100:110:1
Other CommoditiesUp to 50:110:1
CryptocurrenciesUp to 10:12:1
SharesUp to 20:15:1


What you need to know about TradeDirect365 Pro

Becoming a Pro Client has some great benefits and some changes to the rights and protections available to retail clients under Australian Securities and Investment Commission rules.

Access to our monthly rebate program (up to $5000 AUD per month)You are not provided with a Product Disclosure Statement or Financial Services Guide.
Access to higher leverage (although this may result in higher losses).Negative balance protection will not apply to professional clients.
Margin close out level at 20%.TradeDirect365 may withdraw your status as a Professional Client and treat you as a Retail Client at any time.
We will protect your funds in a segregated client money account.Not being able to rely upon ASIC’s prescribed requirements for internal and external dispute resolution
You can request to change your classification to retail at any time.You will no longer have access to trade US stocks.

Am I Eligible?

TradeDirect Pro accounts are only available to professional clients. 

If you satifsy the requirement of ONE of the two tests below, you could be eligible for a TradeDirect365 Pro account.


You have a minimum of 12 consecutive or non-consecutive months leveraged trading experience over the last 3 years during which you have placed at least 20 trades.


You have held a professional position in the financial services sector that required experience of derivatives trading for at least 12 months.


100% pass mark for the Professional Client Suitability Quiz.

*Opening and closing a position is considered as 1 trade.  $50,000 notional size for equities and/or $100,000 notional size for Indicies, FX or Commodities.


You have net assets of AUD $2.5 million (Net assets include your savings, home and land, investment properties, shares, superannuation and even your cars or boats).


You have gross income for each of the last two financial years of at least $250,000 AUD per annum.

Ready to Apply?

If you are able to meet the requirements outlined above, and already hold a retail account with us, then you are able to apply for a Professional account.

To apply follow these simply steps:

    • Download our Application form
    • Determine the required supporting documentation from the application form.
    • Return your completed application form and supporting documentation to support@tradedirect365.com.au, with the subject line ‘Professional Application – [insert your name].
    • One of our representatives will confirm your ap0plication and advise on the next steps.

If you would like to speak with us about your Professional Application, please call us on +61 (1800)  886 514.

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