Market Expiries

Each month we publish all upcoming contract expiries that you may need to be aware of.

Please check to see if any of your positions are affected. If so, and you’re happy for your position to settle automatically, then there’s no need for you to take any action.

If you wish to continue to hold a position in any of these markets, please call us before the expiry date so that we can roll your open position(s) into the next contract month.


CategoryMarket ExpiryUK Time
EnergyUS Light Crude – Future (Jul)18-06-2419:30
 Brent Crude – Future (Aug)26-06-2419:30
Asian IndicesAustralia SPI Direct – Future (Jun)19-06-247:30
US IndicesDollar Index – Future (Jun)14-06-2421:00
 Wall Street 30 – Future (Jun)20-06-2422:00
 US Tech 100 – Future (Jun)20-06-2422:00
 US 2000 – Future (Jun)20-06-2422:00
 US 500 – Future (Jun)20-06-2422:00
European IndicesUK 100 – Future (Jun)20-06-2416:30
 France 40 – Future (Jun)20-06-2421:00
 Euro Stocks 50 – Future (Jun)20-06-2421:00
 Germany 40 – Future (Jun)20-06-2421:00
World IndicesSouth Africa 40 – Future (Jun)19-06-2415:30
BondsBOBL – Future (Jun)05-06-2416:15
 BUND – Future (Jun)05-06-2416:15


Market ExpiryUK Time
France 40 – Future (May)16-05-2421:00
US Light Crude – Future (Jun)17-05-2419:30
UK LONG GILT – Future (Jun)29-05-2416:15
Brent Crude – Future (Jul)30-05-2419:30

* All times are London time