Fixed Spreads will Save You Money

Lower trading costs can improve the returns you could make.  At TradeDirect365, we believe that all CFD brokers should be upfront about their trading costs (many are not!).

We want to lead the charge in this area – we offer a transparent and upfront pricing approach, so our clients know exactly how much they’ll be charged for every trade.

TradeDirect365 provides traders with tight fixed spreads, which do not change during volatile periods. So, you always know what our spread is.

Many other brokers use variable spreads that can increase during volatile trading conditions.

How Do We Compare?

From the table above, you can see that we are one of Australia’s best value CFD brokers!

Why you should only trade with Fixed Spreads

Fixed spreads mean that the price you pay for trading doesn’t change.  You don’t start paying wider spreads just because the market gets volatile.

When a broker offers variable spreads, they can widen their spreads without notice (especially in peak times when you want to trade), and you will be paying a lot more for your trading – and you may not even realise it!

And you can’t manage your trades properly.  How can you place your stop losses and profit targets if you don’t know what the spread is going to be when you order is triggered?

The lower the spread, the more money you get to keep. Sounds good, right?

Click here for our Full list of FIXED SPREADS.

TradeDirect365 – Tight Fixed Spreads and Lower costs

We don’t believe in being sneaky about our costs.  Not only do we offer fixed spreads so you always know your trading costs, we also have very competitive tight spreads and low commission rates.

You can trade the Aussie 200 with a fixed day spread of just 0.9pts (with no commission) or the Euro-Dollar at just 0.6 pips and Dollar-Yen at just 0.7 pips.

And these spreads are FIXED.

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Trading Cost Considerations


If it sounds too good to be true…

Does a broker claim things such as “FX spreads from 0.2 pips” or “Trade from as low as 0.6pts” etc? Claiming they offer the lowest spreads in the industry is great but will you ever get spreads that low…. Unlikely!

Commission Fees

Do they charge commissions? How much? Most brokers will only charge a commission fee on stock CFD trades – but please confirm with your broker.


Fixed or Variable spreads?

Does a broker charge fixed or variable spreads? This is crucial – more on this here.

Unnecessary Fees

Some brokers are particularly well-skilled at adding on additional, unnecessary fees. Be wary of things like;

  • Inactivity fees (yes, seriously, some brokers do charge this!)
  • Account maintenance fees
  • Phone trading order fees
  • Account closure fees