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Comprehensive Guide to DAX Trading Strategies

Person trading Dax strategies on laptop

Introduction to Dax Trading Strategies Welcome to our comprehensive guide on DAX trading strategies. At TradeDirect365, we provide valuable insights and expertise to help you succeed in the world of DAX trading. In this guide, we will walk you through the key aspects of DAX trading, including strategies, analysis techniques, and risk management. Whether you […]

Using the Stochastic Indicator Part 2: Market Structure

Using the stochastic indicator

Using the Stochastic Indicator Part 2: Stochastics & Market Structure So we established in the last article that the Stochastic indicator can be described as Mutton Dressed as Lamb if it’s used as your sole tool for entries and exits. However, using the stochastic indicator in conjunction with an analysis of the market structure and […]

How Professionals use Stock Charts

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How Professionals use Stock Charts I was an eager trading upstart with a few trading profits from the boom way back before the year 2000. It felt I was just one step away from making my fortune. I gave away my printing business, sold all my printing equipment and researched day and night to […]

Use a Candlestick Chart to Understand Who’s in Control; Buyers or Sellers

When trading, understanding how to read a candlestick chart can be a powerful way to determine who’s in control of a market; buyers, sellers or neither. In this article we’ll look at: The benefits of a candlestick chart Candlestick construction How to read a candlestick The 5 characteristics of candlesticks A candlestick chart example [dt_gap […]