About Us


Who are TradeDirect365?

The Birth of TradeDirect365

Davin Clarke, Founder of TradeDirect365

TradeDirect365 was founded in 2014 by professional trader, Davin Clarke, who was fed up being charged high commissions, wide & variable spreads and other hidden fees, and so decided to launch his own CFD trading company to give traders what they really want. In Davin’s own words;

“TradeDirect365 is a trading platform created by a trader for traders, with the mission of providing a fair and easy-to-use platform for all levels of trader. One of the really important issues that matters to traders is preservation and protection of capital, which large commission fees, wide spreads and hidden fees can easily erode. I believe that traders need simple and fast execution of their trades, at a fair price. Hence the birth of TD365, a simple-to-use platform with tight, fixed spreads – making us one of Australia’s lowest cost CFD providers”.

And Today?

Our vision has not changed. We continue to provide a transparent pricing approach, with low commissions and tight, fixed spreads on a simple-to-use, intuitive CFD trading platform. Our clients love our low-cost approach, the fact that they don’t need a large account size to place trades and that they can benefit from both upward and downward trending markets. In today’s environment, traders want access to global markets from a single platform, honest & upfront trading costs, mobile app technology and a CFD provider who understands their trading needs and delivers on their promises. We believe that TD365 continues to excel in all these areas and we welcome you to join our trading revolution!

Tradedirect365 Trading App7 Benefits of Trading with TradeDirect365

  • We are ASIC-Regulated: TradeDirect365 is a trading name of Finsa Pty Limited (AFSL No. 422661).
  • Low-Cost CFD Trading: TD365 is one of (if not) Australia’s best value CFD brokers, offering fair, upfront trading costs through fixed spreads and low commission charges.
  • Easy-To-Use Trade Platform: our CloudTrade platform is very easy to use for both advanced traders and beginners. Please give it a test run by using our demo account.
  • Go LONG and SHORT: speculate on thousands of different assets by going short (selling) and/or going long (buying).
  • Trade using Leverage: access responsible leverage rates of up to 200:1.
  • Trade on the Go: you can trade on our CloudTrade platform via desktop, mobile or tablet – anywhere in the world.
  • Guaranteed Stop Loss Orders: you can trade with a guaranteed stop, providing you with excellent risk management tools.