Great Leverage – ASIC Regulated

TradeDirect365 offers you the extra leverage that ASIC regulated providers can offer over other parts of the world (subject to any future changes in the regulatory environment). So you can take advantage of trading opportunities at the moment they occur, without any huge deposits required.

Leveraging presents the opportunity for potential gains to be increased as only a small portion of the value of the trade is required, however you are still provided with access to full market exposure. This is because with leverage you need less capital to trade the same volume, so the percentage gain you can achieve is much larger than trading without leverage.

TradeDirect365 offers you leverage from 200:1 on many popular FX pairs, Indices, Equities and Bonds.

Opening an account with a regulated broker has many benefits, including that a CFD provider will be closely monitored by the countries’ governing regulator and they are required to work within a certain framework, ensuring brokers run a business in accordance with the local laws and regulations.

TradeDirect365 is a trading name of Finsa Pty Limited, authorised and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). ASIC’s role is to “enforce and regulate company and financial services laws to protect Australian consumers, investors and creditors”.

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Popular CFDs with 200:1 Leverage



Metals – Rolling Cash


Australian 200



Australia SPI Direct Futures



Germany 30



UK 100



US 500


Risks & Negative Balance Protection

It is important to note that leveraging also increases the risk of potential losses. TradeDirect365 offers a number of risk management tools to help protect yourself from losses if the markets move against you.

TradeDirect365 also offers negative balance protection to ensure your account will not fall into a negative position.

Negative balance protection is a precautionary measure that brokerage firms take in order to safeguard their clients. Negative balance protection policy ensures that traders will not lose more money than deposited, if their account goes into negative as a result of their trading activity. This means that if a trader chooses a brokerage firm that offers negative balance protection, they won’t owe money to the firm because of a bad trading decision.

Most times brokers have safeguards available such as margin calls, but, in the past, these safeguards didn’t work well when quick and unexpected market movements took place. The speed of the movement may move the price beyond your margin call close out level resulting to larger than expected capital loss.

TradeDirect365 offers Negative Balance Protection to safeguard all our clients.

To see our full list of Standard Margins click here for our Market Information Sheets.